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Meet Penny

Hey there! It’s me, PENNY, talking to you right now, and I’m thrilled that you dropped by today. I’m a 1970 VW Bus, who was born in Germany, and eventually made my way to sunny TAMPA, FLORIDA.

And, I’d like you to meet my drivers, John and Sandi. They are a husband and wife team and they take good care of me.

Here are some fun facts about my drivers: 

•They were born in the same hospital only a few weeks apart.
•They met after high school and have been married for 30 years.
•They have 4 adult children… and since the kids are doing their own things now, I think that's why they adopted me in 2021.
•They love a good party (and I think that’s another reason why they adopted me, because I do too!!!). 
•They have had lots of fun getting me ready to meet all of 
my new friends in Tampa, Fl..

So, how did I become a photo booth? 

 Sandi is an RN who always carried a dream in her heart of one day owning her own photography business. In 2017, that dream became a reality!! 
John has been living his best life working in both the insurance business and the car business for over 20+ years now. 

To be honest, considering their backgrounds of photography and cars, when they decided to combine those passions and make me into a photobooth business, I was not surprised at all!!! I’m so happy to be here, that’s for sure!!! 

I hope I get to meet you soon!!! 

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photos by Sandi Michelle photography