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Why Book A Photo Booth Bus For Your Wedding Day?

March 7, 2024

It’s your wedding day! This day is filled with so many beautiful moments and memories that you’ll share with your family and friends. From getting ready to the grand exit, and everything in between, your wedding day will be a day that you will want to cherish forever. What better way to help you preserve all of the special moments that happen during your wedding day, than with a photo booth for you and your guests?

1970 VW Photo Booth Bus

Our Photo booth is not just an ordinary photo booth… and for several reasons. The photo booth actually lives inside of the cutest little 1970 VW Bus. Our bus brings quite the vintage, boho vibe that your guests will fall in love with. Her name is Penny and she has so much to bring to your wedding day.

As Penny’s owners and drivers, we always plan to arrive a little early on a wedding day. We like to have Penny set up and looking her best when guests arrive. But, there’s an even more important reason for coming early. Often, the wedding guests will stop by and admire Penny just prior to the wedding. We enjoy getting to know the guests and talking about Penny with the guests. We also answer lots of fun questions about her. After that, it’s our turn to listen to the stories from the guests about their encounters with old vintage VW’s. (Everyone has a story… and it’s great!). The connections we make with the guests are one of the best parts of a wedding day, for us.

Even with the connections that we make with the guests, we know we are here for a much bigger purpose. That purpose is to help you elevate your perfect wedding day. We want to create and preserve the most special memories from your big day… memories that will last forever! You won’t ever get this special day back! That is why we want to create a memorable experience for you and your guests. An experience that will allow you and all of your guests to re-live the day for years to come.

So, in that same spirit, we have compiled a little list for you. Here are our top 8 reasons why our Photo Booth Bus can help you create your perfect wedding day.

1. Entertainment

Hop inside of Penny, and she provides a way for your guests (of all ages) to enjoy time together. It’s fun, it’s interactive and perfect for your guests when they want to take a break from the dance floor. 

2. Memorable Moments

Considering that one of Penny’s driver’s (Sandi) is a professional photographer herself, we know this from personal experience. Photographers can’t be everywhere all at once! (Even though you’d be surprised at how many different places your photographer can get to in literal seconds. Ha! It’s one of their super powers!) Your photographer works tirelessly to capture all of the “must haves” on your wedding day. SHOUT OUT to your amazing photographer for capturing so much beauty! And Penny will also be there for the authentic, meaningful, and even hilarious moments. When guests get together inside of our photo bus with a photo booth, the good times start to roll.

3. Guest Interactions

Penny loves encouraging guests to interact, relax and have fun with one another while they are taking photos together. Even if your guests say they don’t know how to pose, Penny’s booth also offers posing tips. This puts your guests at ease so they’ll nail their poses every time.  All they will have to do is relax and have fun with one another. And the bride and groom can also relax, knowing that their guests are having a blast together. 

4. Unique Keepsakes

This one is my favorite!!! The photo strips that your guests will receive, serve as unique and personalized keepsakes from your day. Do I need to say more? Your guests will be able to take home unlimited 2×6 photo strips as their party favors. Tell me… what other party favors are worth keeping, literally, forever? Professional photo strips, are the best gift that you can give your friends and family to take home. Even more, you can check “party favors” off of your “To Do” list because they are done!

5. Customization

You work so hard to have an elegant aesthetic that flows through every aspect of your wedding day. Did you know that Penny’s booth can help you with customization too? Your booth, photo strips, digital photo frames, etc. can all be customized to perfectly match the theme of your wedding. Your photo strips can have your personal hashtag, date, or whatever you want it to say. It’s up to you. We do the work! All you have to do is give us the thumbs up once you see your perfect proof and love it!!! YOU have the final say.

6. Social Media Sharing

Sometimes, not all of your guests can make it on your wedding day. As sad as that is, those beloved friends and family members won’t be left out! They will be able to see all of the fun as it’s happening. Besides the photo strips, your guests will also receive instant digital photos for sharing on social media. This allows those who couldn’t attend to still feel a part of your wedding day.

7. Guestbook

Scratch the traditional guest book! These days, brides want more than just a signature on a line in a book. Your guests will be able to create a guestbook just for you! They will place a copy of their photo strip in the guest book. Above the photo, they will write a message to you. A heart felt note is so personal to you, and you’ll always remember everyone who was at your wedding. What a beautiful, visual keepsake! 

8. Breaks the Ice

This!!! Not all of your guests will know each other at your wedding. Penny the Photo Bus can serve as the most fun icebreaker ever!! Taking lighthearted pictures together can help people relax, and feel more comfortable together. They will feel like they are part of the celebration, which of course they are! That’s what you want, after all. You can relax knowing that your guests are all getting to know each other and enjoying one another’s company! 

So, how about that? Penny can do so many things to help you with the planning of your wedding day. From customization, photo strips, digital photos, to all the fun interactions between guests. Tell us… what else could you ask for from such a beautiful little bus? Penny is here for it all, and she hopes to celebrate with you soon!

Want to talk about your perfect wedding day or celebration? Or do you just have questions? Simply click here to contact us. We’d love to hear all about your wedding day. We are here for you and can’t wait to talk to you soon.


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